Parachute Lounge Recording Studio

Established in 2003

         The Parachute Lounge Recording Studio has been in the development think tank for eight years.  You may be wondering why so long?

         I’ve been waiting for the right moment in time to blaze a new creative path in the music industry.  I truly believe that my time has come to make my mark.  Along the way many things have happen.  We began as a group of basement rebels looking for a way out of the hood and a way into the industry.  At the same time, working with very little skill, a whole lot of talent and no budget.  The original concept stems from many years of working with various local bands, sitting in on recording sessions at Philadelphia International Records (TSOP), performing as a Disc Jockey with Party Down Inc, The Music Co., Climax Sound Production DJ's and with on air personalities at WDAS FM.  Along with my genuine love for the music industry as a whole, this path was meant to be. The passions of those experiences were re-ignited by one of my sons and his friends having a need to express themselves. The goal for me was to get to know them better, assist and guide them as young men while simultaniously developing their potential carriers and monitoring their desires and aspirations of becoming rap artist.  As life goes on, boys become men and their priorities change.  I thank God for that enlightenment. They have all grown to be wiser and stronger men.  Some of the original crew members of UFO are still in pursuit of careers in the entertainment industry but with a better perspective.

       As we move into the next phase of our growth, our current focus is on providing budding new artist, both young and mature alike, an opportunity to have a comfortable work  environment where they can come and develop their craft and writing skills, test out their concepts and market them to the world if they desire.  In doing so we provide creative suggestions, structured alternatives, powerful constructive critiques, publishing and copy right tips, industry recommendations, studio ethics and discipline.  We are now ready to present these services to the public as we now have the ability to produce high quality demo recordings, mastering and media production.  Newly added to the mix of things that we do is the ability to produce a video web presence for your work.  We do this by capturing  and posting your projects to our site or yours, Facebook, YouTube, and a variety of other social media networks.

     While here, feel free to take a tour of the site.  If you like what you see or you’re interested in what we may be able to do for you, take a brief moment to visit the contact page.


We look forward to hearing from you.

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